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70 - ADHD & Pregnancy: How Midwives Can Support You

70 - ADHD & Pregnancy: How Midwives Can Support You

In this episode, I talk with Tamara Hiller a Portugal-based midwife about how having a midwife could help you during your pregnancy. What is a midwife?

Tamara explained her role as a midwife as a primary caregiver during a person's pregnancy. She's a medical professional who supports people during and beyond birth.  Tamara makes an interesting point that pregnancy isn't only a medical procedure. This is why midwifery usually has a more holistic approach to pregnancy by looking after bother the practical and emotional side of the experience. 

How a Midwife Can Help During Pregnancy

After talking to another ADHD coach about the role of the midwife I starting thinking about how useful having a midwife would be during pregnancy. In some countries, it's the norm to have a midwife as your primary carer during pregnancy. I like the idea of having a midwife because there's one person whose only job is to look out for your well-being. 

Supplements that support pregnancy

Tamara also has a background in natural medicine. We talked about what type of supplements can support you during pregnancy. Omega-three was top of the list because it supports brain health. She also recommends B complex and magnesium, both of which would be helpful for people with ADHD. 

Midwife as Lead Maternity Carer

Many countries in Europe, and places such as Australia and New Zealand, have a public health system. Tamara explained in these health systems midwives play a central role and are viewed as medical professionals. She says one of the benefits of working with a midwife is a more empowered birth. Tamara recommends writing a birth plan and talking it through with your midwife. She believes women can empower themselves by writing out a birth plan. 

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1:30 Explaination of midwifery 

7:00 Supplements during pregnancy

12:45 Empowered pregnancy and midwives 

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Notes from The Adulting With ADHD Podcast
The Adulting With ADHD Podcast
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