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The Adulting With ADHD Podcast
72 - Postpartum & ADHD: Coach Elizabeth Brink Shares Her Top Tips

72 - Postpartum & ADHD: Coach Elizabeth Brink Shares Her Top Tips

In this episode, neurodivesity coach Elizabeth Brink joins me to talk about navigating the postpartum period. 

Elizabeth shared her experience of going into early menopause in a previous episode.

ADHD & Postpartum

Elizabeth shares she wasn't prepared for the challenges she faced during the postpartum period following the birth of her first child. Looking back, she says she had increasing anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and her cognitive functioning was impacted. 

Wading through the information

Moms will know there is a lot of information for new parents, one of the issues can be figuring out what is helpful and what is predatory on new parents. 

Elizabeth says when you're over-tired, undernourished, and already prone to overwhelm going on Google late at night may not be the best idea!

She recommends figuring out who your safe people are and leaning on them when you need support. 

Sensory issues & early motherhood

Many people with ADHD struggle with sensory issues, Elizabeth found once she had kids some of these were amplified. If she was under stress, making dinner, felt hot, or there was a lot of background noise she found it very hard to cope. 

Prioritizing when you're a new parent with ADHD

The hormonal changes we experience post-partum can be even more of a challenge with ADHD. Elizabeth explains with the hormonal shifts on top of challenging cognitive functions, a person with ADHD might experience depression and anxiety. 

She points out there is nothing wrong with needing extra support during this time to make sure you have everything you need. 

Check out the full episode for a great conversation on the postpartum period. 

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Show highlights

2:30 the impact of ADHD on the postpartum period

5:00 dealing with fear-mongering and misinformation

8:15 ADHD & sensory issues as a parent 

14:00 adjusting to parenting 

Show edited by HK Productions

Notes from The Adulting With ADHD Podcast
The Adulting With ADHD Podcast
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