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76 - Body Doubling & ADHD with Taucha Post

76 - Body Doubling & ADHD with Taucha Post

In this episode, I catch up with ADHDer and yoga teacher Taucha Post to talk about her pregnancy.  ADHD & Pregnancy

The last time we caught up with Taucha she was trying to conceive, at the time of recording Taucha was ready to give birth. She shared how she has built her online yoga business into a community. 

Taucha made the decision to stop taking her medication while she and her husband were trying to conceive. While it was challenging she found it helpful to surround herself with people who could help her with everyday tasks. 

Body Doubling For ADHD

Like many expecting moms, Taucha was trying to figure out how to balance being a new mom and keeping her yoga studio going. She wanted to make sure she takes care of herself, her baby, and clients. 

Taucha has built a library of yoga sessions and resources, especially for people with ADHD. One idea she came up with to keep supporting ADHDers was to turn her online sessions into body doubling sessions. 

If you're not familiar with body doubling, it basically means having someone with you while you do a task. Which is super helpful for people with ADHD! 

It was great catching up with Taucha, don't miss the full conversation in this episode. 

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Show highlights

4:00 Balancing a baby, business, and ADHD 

8:00 Body Doubling 

9:00 Full moon practice & setting intentions

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Notes from The Adulting With ADHD Podcast
The Adulting With ADHD Podcast
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